“The eHarmony for executive hiring”

Corner Office Co-Founders Katie and Jeff Hoffman pitched before a crowd of 250 investors and attendees at the Charleston Dig South Tech Conference. The focus of their pitch was compatibility matters in executive hiring. With the national average a dismal 44% success in retention and production 24 months later by executive hires, the team a Corner Office knows that compatibility is the key and proudly boast their 91% success rating.

With more than 20+ years of industry experience, the team at Corner Office has successfully hunted for Fortune 1000 companies and built strong relationships with executives that mostly fall between $150-450k per year.

“It is the intangibles that makes the difference when successfully hiring and retaining top executive talent”

Corner Office is disrupting the executive hiring process by assisting both companies and executives by matching them to the most compatible roles which leads to the most successful results. No longer are there a need to pay exhortation recruiting fees. For more information, reach out to the team at Corner Office Hello@goCornerOffice.com.

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