“NO unsolicited resumes!” No help for free and don’t bother with professional courtesy…wait? WHAT!?!?

In talent acquisitions, whether internal corporate or agency recruiting, you meet and speak with amazingly talented people every day. Not all of which are the right fit for the position and let’s be honest even runner-up #2+ can be terrific however there can only be ONE. Why am I stating the obvious? Because this is what I keep experiencing.

It is our mission to help people and companies find each other and I am trying to understand why talent acquisition departments are reluctant to take a free introduction to high caliber talent that would align with their company.

Free…what? With more than 20 years industry experience and delivering for people, we have developed a very large network of connections to executives and corporate talent teams.

In many situations when we have a more active executive that has shared specific interest in a company, we believe in connecting that person to that company.

It makes sense right? You would think…however more times than not there is reluctance, requests to not send unsolicited resumes, and silence. “Shhhh, how dare you send an awesome resume of a top educated leader with phenomenal experience who is interested in speaking to my fabulous company???” (sorry for the sarcasm!)

Listen, no one wants to get flooded with resumes, especially ones that are totally wrong. Ha, ha, ha, ha…I just had an image flash of the 500+ random resumes that come barreling in when a company posts the VP Marketing spot on a job board! After all, how many random resumes that have been pre-screened, interviewed and fully vetted does a company actually receive as a professional courtesy on a daily basis?

Again, WHY am I stating the obvious? Because we will continue to connect and introduce good talent to good companies. It is what we do and to us people don’t equal $$ signs. Awesome relationships and making the best introductions is what we do in our business for people.

You may receive an mail from us very soon with the resume of an awesome candidate. Maybe this surprises you! Maybe there really is QUALITY that is Free. And maybe, just maybe, when you receive our email with that resume you will find value that someone is looking to make a good connection. Of course the occasional thank you works too.

About Corner Office 

Corner Office is a proactive talent sourcing tool providing executives, making $125,000+, and progressive companies a confidential introduction. Corner Office platform is backed by 20 year’s talent industry experience and our 91% successful hiring retention rate (24+ mo). Corner Office identifies and directly delivers matches based on skills, experience, values and cultural compatibility.

*Corner Office holds a Diversity Certification as a Woman Business Enterprise.

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