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It’s time to end the cycle of starting a new search each time you need a new senior leader at your company.  Discover how Corner Office delivers quality candidates by anticipating hiring needs and maintaining relationships with executives.

constant engagement

Most companies stay in touch with future talent through employer branding and culture.  But very few have the time or resources to speak directly to potential candidates about the type of opportunities they are looking for.

Since we talk to our executive network outside of hiring for particular positions, we have a deep understanding of the opportunities that will inspire them to leave their current positions.  We stay engaged on your behalf.


Just because an executive has an impressive resume does not mean they are the right fit for the role.  The Corner Office platform takes extra steps to understand who a candidate is, apart from their accomplishments.

In addition to collaborating with human resources, we gather preferences from the direct hiring manager and future colleagues in order to understand the type of candidate that will fit best within the team dynamic.

executive profiles

Imagine having a broader outlook into a leadership candidate, before even sitting down for the interview.  We provide rich profiles that detail an executive’s leadership style, work/life balance, benefits preferences and company culture.

This extended information streamlines the selection process and allows companies to have a better idea of how the candidate’s abilities will work with their future team members.

talent pipelining

Everyone is telling companies to pipeline talent. We do it for you.  We consult with companies to understand what the most vital roles and departments are in the organization.

Building a powerful pipeline of potential candidates means that hiring becomes more about selection, rather than searching.  Since we are always identifying quality candidates, you never need to be in a hurry to find the right person for the job.

“I have the great pleasure of working with Corner Office, successfully supporting EyeMed / Luxottica on a number of high profile projects. They do a phenomenal job of truly understanding not only your business, but how to continuously develop the partnership for bringing the best-fit compatible talent to the organization. I believe this is the true key to their success.”

Jerell Ringer, Talent Acquisition at Luxottica Retail North America


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