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how we work  with executives

A lot of recruiters only talk to you when they have a position they are hiring for.  We stay constantly engaged with our senior level talent throughout the year, gaining a deep understanding of their personal and career priorities.

how we work with companies

Always be hiring.  Companies tend to neglect this approach with leadership positions — where it’s needed most.  We work with companies to forecast future needs and build a powerful bench of candidates for the most important roles at their organization.

the application process

STEP ONE: Apply to our network

Complete the Corner Office profile form to indicate your opportunity preferences and submit your resume for review.  If our team feels like you are a good fit for the network, we will reach out to schedule a short phone call so that we can speak to you in person.

STEP TWO: Profile Enrichment

After your application approval, we will ask you to complete some additional profile sections.  We find the best opportunities by having a deep understanding of what you want. The more detailed your profile is, the more it can facilitate successful matching.

STEP THREE: Company Matches

When our team matches you with a company, we will reach out to you with more information about the opportunity.  If it is of interest, you can choose to release your executive profile to the company.

this network is powerful

our executives know first hand

Frequently Asked Questions.

Get to know how our platform and services function. And, if you don’t see an answer to your question here, reach out to us at – we would love to hear from you.

Does everyone who applies get accepted ?

It may sound harsh, but we don’t accept everyone who applies to Corner Office. Why? We want to make sure our members don’t get lost in a sea of professionals that aren’t quite at their level.  One of the things standing in the way of companies finding the right talent is having to sift through crowded social networks of ‘not right’ candidates. Being selective allows us to focus on finding the right fit.

How is my identity protected?

Your profile – that appears in our public, searchable database – will showcase your credentials and highlight your successes but will be written generically enough so that no one will be able to identify you. Additionally, before your profile is added to the database, it will be reviewed by both you and your Talent Relationships Manager for suggested changes and final approval which would make it ‘Live’.

What does the verification/screening process entail?

You will schedule a call with one of our Talent Relationship Manager who will conduct a phone interview and request your resume to learn about your career, successes and desired career path.  It is strongly advised that you take an Assessment Evaluation.  Your profile and assessment valuation will be the marketing tools that Corner Office utilizes to promote and highlight your successes while assisting in targeting your ideal next career opportunity.  Confidential Exposure to opportunities begins.

Why do I need to interview with a Talent Relationship Manager?

Corner Office is for qualified and verified Executives that meet certain qualifications. The reason why Employers prefer Corner Office is precisely because we are pre-screening Executives before we publish their profiles in the Corner Office database. This is your guarantee to an employer that you are indeed a successful, “verified” Executive serious about learning and accepting that right next step.

Once an employer sees my profile and is interested, how and when do they find out who I am?

When an Employer finds Executives that interest them, they contact the Corner Office team. We will discuss with the Employer their needs and determine whether the Executive’s and Employer’s objectives are in alignment with respect to location, compensation, etc.  Should everything align, we will then contact the Executive to determine their interest in the opportunity. If the Executive wants to pursue the position, it is at this point that we will send the Executive’s resume and other background information to the Employer. If the Executive is NOT interested in pursuing the position, the Employer is informed of this and the Executive’s identity is not divulged.

Will Employer’s be able to see my resume?

No one except the Corner Office team will ever see your resume, unless and until you approve its release to a potential Employer (see previous FAQ).

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