Finally, someone to assist throughout the interview process.

how we work  with executives

A lot of recruiters only care about filling the position they have available. At Corner Office we believe in digging deeper into what executives are truly seeking and assist them in finding the “Right Fit” for themselves and their families.

Open communication, interview prep and follow up.

how we work with companies

We work with companies by assisting their Talent Acquisition Team in their most time consuming aspect of hiring – Sourcing. We utilize our network by providing successful executives and build pipelines for them. Getting to know our network is how we align talent and compatibility that result in our 91% retention rate.

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STEP ONE: Apply to our network

Complete the Corner Office profile form to indicate your opportunity preferences and submit your resume for review.  If our team feels like you are a good fit for the network, we will reach out to schedule a short phone call so that we can speak to you in person.

this network is powerful

our executives know first hand

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