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Equip your Talent Teams with the essential tools, training, systems, and processes to become the experts you require.

Empower your Talent Acquisition team

with the necessary tools, training, systems, and processes to

excel in attracting and retaining top talent.

Your Opportunity

Your company is at a crucial point, ready to boost its talent organization to new levels of expertise and efficiency. An unbiased assessment will reveal the overall strengths and uncover areas for improvement, providing the team with the tools, strategies, and best practices to excel in hiring, acquiring, and retaining talent, earning the business's full confidence.

CornerOffice Talent Sourcing Executive Recruiting

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Unbiased & Independent Assessment

Identify the strengths and areas for improvement within your talent team. CornerOffice offers an unbiased evaluation of your team, systems, and processes. A comprehensive assessment supplies the data necessary to facilitate positive transformations.

CornerOffice builds teams that stay
Brand your job openings


Based on the assessment results, CornerOffice will provide a thorough recommendation and action plan to elevate your department.


To implement recommendations, you can choose to do it internally or have CornerOffice collaborate closely with your team to drive positive change.

Recruitment needs planning
Brand your job openings

Training and Career Development

CornerOffice specializes in delivering successful search results and collaborates with your team to boost their skills, thereby enhancing the overall Talent Acquisition department.

Continual Improvement and Support

Your team is poised for growth and empowerment. CornerOffice provides ongoing support, mentorship, and tools for career advancement and operational excellence within your organization.

Recruitment needs planning


  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness of recruitment processes.

  • Enhanced quality of hires through better candidate screening and selection.

  • Reduced time-to-hire and cost-per-hire.

  • Increased client and candidate satisfaction and positive employer branding.

  • Empowered and upskilled internal recruitment team members.

  • Greater alignment between recruitment efforts and organizational objectives.

CornerOffice Talent Sourcing Executive Recruiting

What others have to say

Drew McGlinchey,

VP Human Resources

After partnering with CornerOffice for more than 10 years, I know the value we get from their entire organization. They immerse themselves into our company culture, identify amazing talent and turn it around quickly.

Kim Glenn,

SPHR Talent Acquisition Leader

CornerOffice set themselves apart from every other Talent Sourcing company we have ever entertained. They took it upon themselves to immerse and understand our company, values and culture firsthand. In doing so they have connected with our company and team members which has lead to a very successful relationship.

Erik Cohen,


In my career I have worked with or contacted by many recruiters. My experience with CornerOffice was by far the most professional. Their commitment and guidance to the "Right Fit" allowed me to get the most insight I have ever had prior to making a decision. Thank you to the team at CornerOffice.

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