Comprehensive Talent Sourcing

with Diversity Emphasis.

It’s About Time.

You and your talent team understand how time consuming sourcing top talent can be.

Corner Office partners with corporate talent acquisition teams assisting them with the most time consuming aspect of their jobs, sourcing and identifying qualified talent. We support your teams by executing our proven process for comprehensive, diverse talent sourcing. This allows your teams to focus their time on other critical aspects of the hiring process. Our “Right Fit” approach results in quicker turn around, excited executives and strong retention rates which drives higher revenues.

“The level of talent and turn around time provided by Corner Office allows me to focus on my other critical priorities in the hiring process.”

~ Drew McGlinchey VP Human Resources


for executives

Honesty and guidance is what you deserve.



It’s time for communication and listening to assure that the opportunity is a “Right Fit” and aligns with your career path.



Targeted introductions to partners that we are connected to and you may want to work at.


There’s more to the right opportunity than just your resume. Our platform prioritizes candidate preferences and leadership style to create matches with like-minded companies.

Interview Prep

We prepare executives for each step throughout the interview process, giving executives the tools to be successful


We make interest known while protecting candidate identity. Executives give the thumbs up before companies can view their profile.

for companies

We have a 91% success rate, not just in placement – but in fit.

Corner Office supports corporate talent initiatives by providing comprehensive talent sourcing and diversity pipelining, allowing talent leaders and their teams to focus on other priorities within the hiring process. Providing 20+ years of successfully connecting talent to Fortune 1000 companies.

NO placement fees.


Custom Talent Plans

We tailor each comprehensive talent sourcing plans to meet your company’s goals and expectations.


Diverse Slates

Providing diverse slates of qualified executives covers everything from the basics of diversity to include gender and ethnicity as well as reaching executives with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Each partner has different needs and objectives, we assist in the process.



Finding great leaders isn’t just about matching resumes to job descriptions. We dig deeper.


talent forecasting

Also known as Pipelining. Partners that have regular reoccurring needs can rest assure that Corner Office can assist in building a pipeline to meet your companies objectives.


Focus on your priorities, we assist by finding the talent

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